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 Custom Fabrications & Specialty Products
At Dielectric Solutions, our new GlasFab® Process is so flexible and efficient that we are now able to offer you, our customer, specialty products that you were unable to get, at any price, using yesterday’s technology.

Our process has been designed with specialty products in mind.  By controlling our raw material source, streamlining our process, and keeping work in process to a minimum, we can provide what other suppliers can not – specialty products without prohibitive price or volume restrictions.  Our customers benefit by being able to get the product that they want, in the quantity that they need. 

Talk to us about how we can help you meet a new product need.  We can help you address, cultivate and grow new market opportunities that, prior to our GlasFab® Process, were not possible.

To learn more about our current product line, click here.

GlasFab® Process
Custom Fabrications & Specialty Products
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