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The GlasFab Process 

Our Integrated Process Strategy


Glass Fiber Forming - In our facility, we produce a wide variety of glass fiber yarns using a proprietary version of what is known in the industry as the Marble Melt process.  In this process we re-melt glass that was previously formed to our specifications.  In Dielectric Solutions’ GlasFab Process the glass is further refined and homogenized before glass fibers of various sizes and specifications are produced. 

By controlling our key raw material source, we eliminate inefficiencies and provide security of supply to our customers.

In-house Yarn Production - We are one of the few companies in the world to make yarn and weave glass fiber fabric in the same facility.  Dielectric Solutions is able to offer our customers a number of other important advantages. 

  • Condensed order-to shipment cycle, resulting in superior customer service.
  • Broad, flexible process capability to make the products you need when you need them.
  • Ability to quickly develop entirely new glass yarns or glass compositions in response to unique customer and market needs.

We have set a new industry standard for efficiency, flexibility, and speed of delivery.

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