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Dielectric Solutions' uniquely integrated manufacturing process has permitted an unprecedented level of product quality and traceability.  Material flow, product scheduling and quality control are completely integrated across all operations, from incoming raw materials to yarn production, through to warp production and on to fabric weaving.  By streamlining the process under one roof, handling of the glass fiber and yarns has been greatly reduced, while the packaging and shipping to a weaving facility has been eliminated.  The typical information barriers that would exist between a fiber producer and separate fabric weaver has been eliminated.

Every glass fabric product can be fully traced back through the entire process to glass melt and fiber production.  Statistical process control (SPC) has been implemented on critical parameters in every manufacturing area.  Tightly controlled forming conditions, along with comprehensive system tracking, have permitted full certification of all products, including the ability to certify fabrics as "hollow fiber-free".

This uniquely flexible and highly efficient process allows us to quickly respond to customer needs for specialty products and/or sudden market changes, while tracking quality to an unparalleled degree.

Quality Statement

Dielectric Solutions is committed to the complete satisfaction of its customers.  We exercise this responsibility through adequate training of our employees, adherence to proven procedures, and total commitment to meeting and exceeding customer requirements.  We maintain an organizational culture that fosters continuous improvement.


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