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Superior Technical Capabilities
At Dielectric Solutions we are proud of our Team of Professionals that possess a long track record of technical innovation and success in our industry.  Our technical capabilities truly set us apart from other suppliers of fiberglass fabric.

Fine Filament Yarns - Dielectric Solutions has the capability to produce a wide variety of glass fiber products, but we are particularly proficient in the production of fine filament and light weight yarns.  These are primarily D (5 micron filament diameter) and DE (6 micron filament diameter) yarns, with yarn bundles as fine as 90,000 yards per pound, or 5.5 Tex.  Click for a complete list of Yarn Capabilities.

Low Hollow Fiber Yarns – Air bubbles and gases are a natural occurrence in glass melting; when forming glass filaments, entrapped air can lead to hollow glass fibers. Hollow fibers have been connected to reliability concerns in circuit board applications.  Dielectric Solutions has developed glass melting and refining technology that minimizes entrapped air and results in low hollow filament yarns for the most demanding electronic circuit boards.  Data available upon request.

Ultra Light Weight Fabrics – Extremely light weight glass fabrics can be difficult to process and are easily damaged in each step of the production process.  The GlasFab® Process has been designed to minimize handling and fiber damage.  Elimination of the heat cleaning process minimizes fabric creasing, distortion and contamination that can often occur in heat cleaning and finishing lines.  Click for a complete list of Fabric Styles from Dielectric Solutions.

High Performance Fiber Finishes - Dielectric Solutions has extensive experience in the development of high performance fiber finishes to achieve optimal results in advanced composite applications.  By controlling our source of raw materials through our own glass melting and forming operation, and by applying our unique DirectFinish™ technology, we can design a finish to achieve superior performance in your application.

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Superior Technical Capabilities
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